Hi everyone

Hope you are well, thought I would update you on recent developments re the

However to get things rolling we are planning a launch party for the
Saturday the 13th Sept. hopefully this will be held in the Village Club with
live Music from 6.30 till 11.30 pm. I’m hoping to discuss this more fully
with the Club committee later this week & be able to confirm that this is
definitely on by this coming weekend, so will keep you posted on

The provisional date for next years festival is Sunday the 5th July (t.b.c.
hopefully by the 13th Sept.)

A small group are meeting on Tuesday the 15th July 8.30pm in the Queens
Head, perhaps you would be good enough to tell Alex, if she was free, it
would be good to see her.

For you info a couple of people have contacted me via the
Interest@barnsgreenmusicfestival email.

I will keep you up to date on developments