BGMF – The Beginning

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I asked Kaytie for a few words about how BGMF started, here they are…

Barns Green Music Festival was begun by local singer and Voice Coach, Kaytie
Harding (Voice From The Coal Shed). It was initially going to be a small
open air concert for one of her choirs, Who Dares Sings. Once the group of
determined ladies realised that it could be so much more, they put their
heads together and came up with a day of music for the Barns Green
With Kaytie at the helm, Bev, Sam and Jean started working
relationships with The Speedboats, Elvis Impersonator Anthony Tidey, a group
of Bangra Boys from Crawley, The Flying Toads and of course Who Dares Sings
who loved having such a huge crowd to sing to!
The next year was even bigger with more bands, lessons learnt and with a special commission for all
the local primary schools called Mick Mills Mile written by Mike Henry and
Sue Cooper, conducted by Kaytie. It has been such a pleasure to see the
festival grow further and become one of the community high point of the
year. Another Barns Green special!